Play | 2019
Director: Luiz Villaça


Idealized and Created by: Denise Fraga, José Maria e Luiz Villaça
With Denise Fraga
Director: Luiz Villaça
Production: José Maria
Dramaturgy: Cassia Conti, André Dib, Denise Fraga, Fernanda Maia, Luiz Villaça e Rafael Gomes
Final Script: Rafael Gomes, Denise Fraga e Luiz Villaça
Music Director: Fernanda Maia
Musicians: Fernanda Maia, Clara Bastos, Priscila Brigante, Ana Rodrigues, Gê Cortes, Roberta Kelly e Michelle
Projection Design: André Dib
Movement Director: Kenia Dias
Art Director: Simone Mina
Lighting: Wagner Antônio


ME FROM YOU was the first solo spectacle of the actress Denise Fraga. Originated from a collaborative process among the public, the actress and a team of talented creators, the play appropriates itself of the scenic language in diverse ways, strolling through audiovisual, performance, literature, comedy and music, in a set of narratives which raise reflections upon what keeps us human in a world of increasingly inability of relationships, affections, empathy and solidarity.