Documentary | 2002
Director: Georgia Guerra-Peixe _Joca


Director: Georgia Guerra-Peixe
Executive Producers: Denise Tibiriça Machado
Executive Producers: Paula Cosenza
Director’s Assistant and Casting Producer: Gisela Camara
Photo Still: AC Junior
Director of Photography: Marcelo Rocha
Art Director e Color: Giuliano Saade
Sound Producer: Leandro Lima
Original Soundtrack: Dimi Kireeff
Sound Edition: Branko Neskov
Editors: Nani Garcia, Jair Peres, Gustavo Ribeiro e Mair Tavares


“The Samba Inside Me” is a documentary set at Morro da Mangueira (a traditional “community” in Rio de Janeiro) preceding the annual event of Carnaval. The starting point is the court of the prestigious samba school Estação Primeira de Mangueira, a place where the director Georgia Guerra-Peixe reunites with her own story. Through a first-person narration about the meaning that Carnaval has always had in her family and in her life. From the court, she goes up the slum for the first time, moved by the aspiration to get beyond samba.

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