Film | 2009
Director: Luiz Villaça


Director: Luiz Villaça
Script: Maurício Arruda, José Roberto Torero, Mariana Veríssimo e Luiz Villaça
Cast: Maria de Medeiros, Paulo Mendes, Marco Antônio Ribeiro, Cleiton Santos, Malu Galli, Chico Díaz, Ju Colombo e Teuda Bara
Director of Photography: Lauro Escorel
Art Director: Valdy Lopes
Editor: Maria Altberg e Umberto Martins
Production: Francisco Ramalho Jr.
Produced by: Ramalho Filmes, Nia Filmes e Warner Bros. Pictures
Distribution: TeleImage


At the age of six, Roberto Carlos was placed by his mother at the reformatory, as she believed that the institution would lead him to a better future. However, that is quite the opposite of what Roberto gets there and he soon learns to escape, to steal and to use drugs. But then, he meets Margherit, a French pedagogue who was conducting a research with Brazilian children. The coexistence with her, contradicting all expectations, leads Roberto to recover and become a great storyteller.

The film is based on the real story of Roberto Carlos Ramos, who at the age of 13 was adopted by the French pedagogue Margherit Duvas, has recovered from criminality and drug addiction and got to be a pedagogue, considered one of the world’s ten greatest storytellers.

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