Play | 2017
Director: Luiz Villaça


Author: Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Stage rights by Diogenes Verlag AG Zürich
Translation: Christine Röhrig
Adaptation: Christine Röhrig, Denise Fraga e Maristela Chelala
Director: Luiz Villaça
Production Director: José Maria
Cast: Denise Fraga, Tuca Andrade, Ary França, Fábio Herford, Davi Taiyu, Romis Ferreira, Maristela Chelala, Renato Caldas, Eduardo Estrela, Beto Matos, Luiz Ramalho e Rafael Faustino
Art Director: Ronaldo Fraga
Musical Director: Dimi Kireeff
Original soundtrack: Dimi Kireeff e Rafael Faustino
Lighting Design: Nadja Naira


The inhabitants of Güllen are looking forward to the arrival of the millionaire Claire Zachanassian (played by Denise Fraga), who promises to save them from bankruptcy. But, at the welcome dinner, Claire imposes a condition: she will donate one billion to the city if someone kills Alfred Krank, the man she loved as young, who abandoned her pregnant to marry a wealthy woman. There is an outcry of indignation and all the inhabitants of Güllen reject such absurd proposal. Claire then, decides to wait, staying with her entourage at the city’s hotel.

From this premise, Friedrich Dürrenmatt honors us with a masterpiece of dramaturgy, composing a net of intertwined scenes, full of humor and irony, in which the characters go, little by little, exposing the human fragility against the great regent of our lives: money.