Tiago Máci feat Zeca Baleiro | 2019
Director: Tuco


Direction and Script: TUCO
Directors of Photography: Danilo Rosa and Andressa Zumpano
Production: Carol Araújo e Marcelo Colaiacovo
Art Direction: Marcos Ferreira Costume: João Belfort
Make up: Leon Gaspar
Director’s Assistant and Making-of: Ingrid Barros
Gaffer: Jesus
Cast: Nádia d’ Cássia, Bigorna, Patrícia Lucilia, Fabiolla Lerins, Evillton Junior, Lidia Martins Vieira
Post Producer: Daniel Amaro
Color: Psycho n’look
Effects: Hub fx
Post Production Coordinator: Anita Cintra
Produced by: Café Royal


Tiago Máci and Zeca Baleiro launched the clip “Point-blank kiss”, recorded in São José de Ribamar, a city in an island at the state of Maranhão (Northeastern Brazil), produced by Café Royal and directed by TUCO. This single, which composes Máci’s first record, called “Love Delivery”, was launched in the beginning of 2020.

“Point-bank kiss” is a partnership between two artists from Maranhão, which tells the story of a fisherman immersed in mundane addictions, who begs with intense faith to survive a storm (that almost make his boat sink) to get to live a great love story.

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