TV Show | 2019
Director: Luiz Villaça


Director: Luiz Villaça
Script: Rafael Gomes, Leonardo Moreira, Luiz Villaça, Jô Bilac e Pedro Riera
Cast: Marcelo Airoldi, Bianca Byington, Giovanni Gallo, Gabriela Rocha, Francisco Miguez, Samya Pascotto e Bernardo Bibancos
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Carvalho e Pepe Mendes
Editors: Giovanna Calistro, Gustavo Vasconcelos e Marcola Marinho
Production: Denise Gomes e Margarida Ribeiro
Produced by: Bossa Nova Films
Exhibition: GNT


In the same neighborhood, a couple and a group of people between 19 and 24 years old, have completely different lives. However, a radical change occurs when they decide to exchange homes, turning their lives upside down. While the couple returns to the fraternity house in which they have previously lived and try to overcome the empty nest syndrome, the younger group mature and learn to deal with relationships. During their respective searches though, these two cores of the story must coexist.

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