Feature Film | 2021
Direção: Irmãos Ahimsa (Daniel Hey e Julio Hey)


Directors: Julio Hey e Daniel Hey
Script: Julio Hey e Daniel Hey
Editor: Gustavo Vasconcelos
Executive Producer: Adriana Tavares e Mario Patrocínio
Art Director: Guilherme Lepca
Co-production: Café Royal e Bro Cinema

Distributor: Moro Filmes

Samadhi Road

“Samadhi Road” is a full-length documentary that narrates the journey of two young brothers in search of wisdom.
During 3 years, the brothers registered interviews with personalities such as Sonny Rollins, Robert Thurman, Kaz Tanahashi, Gilberto Gil, and Mooji, evoking from them their innermost impressions about human life.
These interviews compose the narrative structure, that begins when the two brothers were taken to India during their childhood, and ends when they meet for an interview with the spiritual master Mooji, that seems to embody the wisdom they were after.

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