TV SERIES | 2013
Director: Luiz Villaça


Director: Luiz Villaça
Script: Marcelo Gonçalves e Bernardo Guilherme
Cast: Denise Fraga, Tony Ramos, Felipe Abib, João Vicente de Castro e Rita Batata
Director of Photography: Alexandre Ermel
Art Director: Cássio Amarante
Editors: Giovanna Calistro, Gustavo Vasconcelos e Marcola Marinho
Production: Andrea Barata Ribeiro e Bel Berlinck
Produced by: O2 Filmes
Exhibition: GLOBO


Reinaldo Rangel is the mayor of Pitanguá, a fictional city in the countryside of São Paulo. So corrupt that he would sell his own mother, and facing a warrant for his arrest, he manages to obtain a fake medical certificate which gets him granted with house arrest, although with no authorization to get out to work. The city council is then taken over by his wife Aurora, a dog trainer. To manage the city, she gets help from advisor Seixas, who is secretly in love with her. Aurora’s biggest rival is Maria Fernanda, president of the local soccer team, who is only interested in building the new stadium, Pitanguão.